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Artisanal bread Quebec

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Where to eat good artisanal bread in Quebec? Visit Paillard, your artisanal bakery for over 25 years.

A good crusty and soft bread freshly baked is the tastiest of simple pleasures. It is also the speciality of Paillard bakeries.

Indulge in homemade breads made with the best local flours and just the right amount of sea salt for an unparalleled aroma. Every day we offer exceptional breads with which we make hot and cold sandwiches. Pizza dough is also available in our bakery.

Artisanal bread Quebec


Rediscover the pleasure of tasting good sourdough bread at any time of the day.

Artisanal bread Quebec


  • Paillard baguette
  • Parisian baguette
  • Poppy seed baguette


  • Cereal Bâtard
  • Walnut Bâtard
  • Kalamata olive Bâtard
  • Raisin Bâtard
  • Paillard Bâtard


This protein and fibre rich moulded bread contains our house blend of flax, sunflower and millet seeds. The strong wheat taste of the crumb is balanced by the subtle sweetness of the millet grains, and is ideal for morning toast, cheese tasting and as a side dish for fresh salads.


Typically Italian, our olive oil ciabatta is used in the preparation of the vast majority of our in-store sandwiches. Always fresh and soft, its thin crust and slightly moist crumb make it a must-have for picnics, whether as a sandwich, tapas, with raw vegetables or with salads of all kinds.


  • Bacon and cheddar
  • Tomatoes, pesto and mushrooms
  • Black olives and feta cheese

Fromignon 1608

For cheese lovers! The soft flavour of its creamy white crumb is enhanced by large cells sprinkled with fragrant pieces of 1608 Charlevoix cheese. Its copper-coloured crust is covered with tasty parmesan cheese. Perfect for a snack, as a side to a salad or why not even, for tempting sandwiches.


  • Miche multigrain
  • Miche Paillard


  • White household bread
  • Brioche bread
Artisanal bread Quebec
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  • Breads
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  • Pastries
  • Pizzas
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Paillard What are the advantages?
  • 25 years of experience
  • Handcrafted products
  • Quebec company
  • French know-how
  • User-friendly
  • Excellent service
Paillard Where to find us in Quebec?
  • Old Quebec
  • Neufchatel
  • Cap-Rouge
  • Saint-Hubert

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At our artisanal bakery, you can choose varied and fresh products every day.

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