Whether for breakfast or for a decadent break, these timeless classics always win our hearts. From an all-butter croissant to a healthy muffin, Paillard’s expertise satisfies every craving, any time of day.


Viennoiseries Viennoiseries


Apricot +

Abricotier $3.20

Forming two small mounds each housing a fresh apricot, our pure butter croissant pastry is folded around a generous portion of custard and dusted with confectioner’s sugar. A delicate-tasting treat that can be savoured any time of the day.

Amandines +

- Amandine $2.95
- Chocolate amandine $3.15

Bear claw +

Bear claw $2.95

Croissant pastry, 44% chocolate, banana, egg wash

Cleverly scored to resemble bear's toes, this puff pastry viennoiserie reminds us of a plump paw closed around a banana slice, with dark chocolate garnish.

Brioche +

- Apricot and fig brioche $2.70
- Chocolate brioche $2.70
- Orange and white chocolate brioche $2.70
- Plain brioche $2.30

Cakes +

- Lemon cake $2.95
- Hazelnut cake $2.95

Chocolate twist +

Chocolate twist $3.25 

Croissant pastry, custard, dark chocolate chips, confectioner’s sugar, egg wash 

A long, crispy pastry twist covered with confectioner’s sugar and filled with custard and loads of dark chocolate chips.

Chocolatine +

Chocolatine $2.40

Our puff pastry wrapped around rich bars of 44% dark chocolate. Our chocolatine is made from the same dough as the best croissant in Quebec. What more could you ask for? Best enjoyed when still warm!

Cinnamon danish +

Cinnamon danish $3.50

Cinnamon milk bread pastry.

Croc-framboises +

Croc-framboises $2.95 

Flaky puff pastry garnished with raspberry jam, topped with a hint of cinnamon.

Croissants +

- Croissant $2.00
- Swiss croissant $2.95

Danishes +

- Lemon danish
- Maple pecan danish
- Orange danish
- Raisin danish

Lemon bichon +

Lemon bichon $2.95 

A delicate puff pastry with a creamy filling reminiscent of lemon pie.

Palmiers +

- Palmier
- Maple palmier

Peach delight +

Peach delight $3.50 

Our peach delight features a puff pastry round topped with a layer of custard and a sliced peach. 

Poirier +

Poirier $2.95

A delicious square of puff pastry cradling a half-pear bathed in rich dark chocolate pieces and garnished with toasted almonds.

Savoy knot +

Savoy knot $3.25 

A crunchy Savoyard creation to be savoured on a coffee break.

Temptations +

- Temptation $2.95
- Sour cherry temptation $2.95

Turnovers +

- Apple turnover $2.95
- Nutella turnover $2.95

Muffins +

- Blueberry muffin $2.95
- Carrot nut muffin $2.95
- Chocolate cherry muffin $2.95
- Banana chocolate muffin $2.95
- Raspberry muffin $2.95
- Berry and white chocolate muffin $2.95