Discover a world of delectable creations crafted to please the eye as much as the taste buds. Éclair? Millefeuille? Macaroon? A delicious dilemma of irresistible choices. Go ahead, give in to the temptation. It will be our little secret.


Pastries Pastries


Brownie +

Brownie $2.95 

Chewy chocolate with walnut pieces.  

Cakes +

- Carrot cake $4.20
- Apple cake $4.10
- Black Forest cake $4.10

Caramel, vanilla and hazelnut puff +

Caramel, vanilla and hazelnut puff $4.00 

Crunchy roasted hazelnuts, choux pastry with butter and light cream, all garnished with a creamy, delicately salted homemade caramel. A veritable delight of subtlety and sweetness.

Cookies +

- Triple chocolate cookie $1.45
- Cranberry nut cookie $1.45

Cream puff (chouquette) $0.50 +

Cream puff $0.50  

Small light cream puff, originally created for our beautiful Thérèse in celebration of our 10th anniversary. Just like her, these delicate puffs will charm you with their simplicity and sweetness.

Éclair +

- Caramel sea salt éclair $3.90
- Chocolate éclair $3.90
- Maple éclair $3.90

Equinox +

Equinox $4.20 

A classic brioche with a glossy crust, generously topped with dark chocolate chips and scored like a Vienna roll.

Flan +

Flan $2.95

Our traditional flan offers a creamy smooth texture and subtle sweet taste. The perfect late afternoon pairing with a comforting hot beverage.

Jésuite +

Jésuite $3.10 

A light puff pastry filled with frangipane cream.

Tarts +

- Lemon tart $4.00 
- Chocolate macaroon tart $4.00

Macaroons +

- Caramel and fleur de sel macaroon $2.00
- Chocolate macaroon $2.00 
- Lemon poppy seed macaroon $2.00  
- Maple macaroon $2.00
- Raspberry macaroon $2.00
- Hazelnut macaroon $2.00  
- Pistachio macaroon $2.00
- Vanilla macaroon $2.00  

All of our macaroons can be arranged in coloured boxes of 3 to 12 pieces.  

- Box of 6 macaroons $10.95 
- Box of 9 macaroons $15.95 
- Box of 12 macaroons $20.95 
- Large raspberry macaroon $4.10 
- Large pistachio macaroon $4.10

Millefeuille +

- Classic millefeuille $4.10
- Paillard millefeuille $4.10

Opera +

Opera $4.20

A delectable cake featuring coffee extract, dark chocolate and buttercream on an almond sponge cake base.

Paris-Brest +

Paris-Brest $4.10 

A delicate ring of choux pastry filled with praline-flavoured cream.

Raspberry +

Raspberry $4.20 

A fluffy sponge cake infused with a decadent raspberry filling and covered in a delicate white chocolate cream. Its supremely fruity flavour and combination of exquisite textures will have you hooked.

Tarte Tatin +

Tarte Tatin $4.20   

Upside-down sweet pastry, caramelized apple, vanilla cream, Brazil nuts. Discover Paillard’s tarte Tatin. With our high-quality shortbread crust and the freshness of real fruit, our tartlets never fail to delight.

Trianon +

Trianon $4.20 

A true chocolate indulgence! A delicious combination of chocolate biscuit with white, milk chocolate and dark chocolate Bavarian creams, all covered in chocolate glaze. 

Tropézienne +

Tropézienne $3.95 

A large brioche filled with a thick layer of light cream, topped with slivered almonds and dusted with powdered sugar.

Vanilla crème brûlée +

Vanilla crème brûlée $4.20 

The top of crème brûlée is caramelized using a flame, creating a crispy, golden crust. 

Verrine +

Verrine of the day $4.00