Soft, crusty, fresh-from-the-oven bread is the most scrumptious of simple pleasures. It is also the specialty of Paillard bakeries. Fall in love with homemade breads featuring the finest local flours and a touch of sea salt for unmatched flavour.


Breads Breads


Baguettes +

- Multigrain baguette $3.05
- Paillard baguette $2.95
- Parisian baguette $2.85
- Poppy seed baguette $2.95
- Feta and fine herb baguette $3.95
- Sourdough baguette $3.05

Ciabatta +

Ciabatta $1.50 

Distinctly Italian, our olive oil ciabatta stars in the majority of our in-store sandwiches. Always fresh and soft, its thin crust and slightly moist crumb make it a must for picnics, be it in sandwiches or with tapas, crudités or any variety of salad.

Country +

Country $4.95

Rich in protein and fibre, this loaf contains our homemade blend of flaxseed, sunflower and millet. The pronounced wheat taste of its crumb is balanced by the subtly sweet taste of millet seeds. It is perfect for toast, as a cheese accompaniment and with fresh salads.

Fougasse +

Fougasse $5.50

Choice of 4 flavours: bacon and cheddar; brie, walnuts and cranberries; tomato, pesto and mushroom; olive and feta.

Fromignon (three-cheese miche) +

Fromignon $5.95

A cheese lover’s delight! The sweet flavour of its milky white crumb is enhanced by large pockets dotted with fragrant morsels of Charlevoix 1608 cheese. Its copper-coloured crust is coated in delicious Parmesan cheese. Perfect as a snack, with a salad or even for delectable sandwiches. Why not?

Individual mini-loaves +

- Whole wheat bread $4.60
- White bread $3.95
- Small fromignon 1608 (three-cheese) loaf $2.75
- Small nut loaf $2.50
- Small olive kalamata loaf $2.50 
- Small raisin loaf $2.50
- Small whole grain loaf $2.50
- Brioche bread $5.95

Our multigrain, nut, olives, raisin and ‘fromignon’ (three-cheese) breads are also available in individual mini-loaves. Featuring the same aromas and flavours as their larger counterparts, they make ideal snacks or as accompaniments to meals, cheeses and deli meats.

Loaves +

- Multigrain loaf $4.20
- Nut loaf $4.95 
- Olive kalamata loaf $4.80 
- Raisin loaf $4.50 
- Wheat loaf $4.20 
- Paillard loaf $3.95

Miche +

- Multigrain miche $4.80
- Paillard miche $4.25

Mont Royal +

Mont Royal $4.60 

An ancient grain bread made from spelt flour, kamut flour and natural leavening. It is rich in fibre, protein and amino acids thanks to these popular grains, which also lend it subtle tastes of butter and hazelnut. Its crunchy, spiky crust houses a tight, firm crumb made darker by the quality of the grains. Versatile and healthy, it is an excellent accompaniment to meat and fish, as toast, or as the base for a delicious sandwich.

The breads of the month +

- JANUARY: Bacon and onions $2.50
- FEBRUARY: Dried tomatoes, garlic, chives and pepper $2.50
- MARS: Maple bread $2.50
- APRIL: Dates and cranberries $2.50
- MAY: Honey, hazelnut and candied orange $2.50
- JUNE: Coconut and pineapple $2.50
- JULY: Tomatoes, olives, basil and fennel $2.50
- AUGUST: Mint, pistachio and white chocolate $2.50
- SEPTEMBER: Apples, Cranberries and Cinnamon $2.50
- OCTOBER: Pumpkin and chocolate bread $2.50
- NOVEMBER: Onions, ham and mushrooms $2.50
- DECEMBER: Sausage and white wine $2.50

Every month, our artisan bakers create little wonders with new flavors, combining market produce and seasonal spices.

They are also available in large format on order.